Gideon's Army is a staff of 10 amazing, hard working people committed to the liberation of North Nashville and its people. We are mighty, but we are only 10 people. We need volunteers to fulfill our mission.  

If you have time in your schedule to give back to the community and volunteer, please click the button below to sign up and one of our team members will contact you with next steps! 

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Distribution Team 

Team leader: Kelly 

Delivery of non-perishable food items, hot meals, household items, cleaning items etc. to community members.

Our community members are able to request deliveries of their immediate needs. If you sign up for this team you will meet once or twice weekly at our donation site and take individualized packages to individual homes. Interaction in these spaces is limited to 5 people and the deliveries can be left outside community members’ homes. 


Clothing Team 

Team leader: TBD 

We have a storage unit full of donated clothing. Volunteers are needed to wash and sort the clothing by gender, size and category (dress, pant, shirt, etc.). Keeping track of the clothing and marking if it is new vs gently used. If the clothing is more than gently used, has damage, or if you wouldn’t dress yourself or your child in it you will be asked to discard it. Someone will drop off the clothing and pick up once completed. This project can be done without interaction with the general public.

Mask Team 

Team leader: TBD 

This team will be working from home to put together healthcare quality masks. The supplies and instructions for bleaching and sewing will be sent to team members. Your team lead will drop the package of supplies off and pick up the completed project. ​

This project can be done without interaction with the general public.

Data Entry 

Team leader: TBD 

This team will enter donation data into a pre-made spreadsheet. Instructions will be sent via email. We ask that you keep the hard copies and your team lead will pick them up when the data has been entered. ​This project can be done without interaction with the general public.


Virtual Canvassing 

Team leader: TBD 

This team will contact community members over the phone and fill out an online survey that organizes their individual needs. 

This project can be done without interaction with the general public.

Alternatives to volunteering: 

  • Monetary donations - Click the donate now button or contact us to send a check. Liberation League coming soon! 

  • Material donations  - Donations are still being accepted. Contact us for location, date and times.

  • Promotion on social media – Sharing and supporting the work of Gideon’s Army on your social media platforms.  

  • Holding elected officials accountable to relief in North Nashville – Gideon's Army Ambassador 

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